Do you really know what it takes to brand yourself and have a good photos?
Hi, I am Thompson, today, I have a simple thing TO DO for you.
If, at this moment, you do not have plan for location of your photography business clearly marked on your blog or website, please go and change that RIGHT NOW.

If you are lucky, and take all your shoots from one country to the other, and the city you are living does not affect where your businesses come from, then just go right ahead and have it that way. And then communicate to me how you did it.
But, if you are like some photographers, and shoot most of your work in your city, you have to let your immediate client and potential once to know where you are actually located.

I can’t remember how many times I have come across a website and blogs, and spent so much minutes looking for which location the photographer was from. That’s NOT what you intend clients to be doing when they are on your site.
I would suspect you’d rather they be captivated with your beautiful photos than discouraged that they do not know if they should even thinking hiring you.

Just to remind you. 


Keep this in mind to select a photo that will make would-be clients to look forward to hiring you.

1.      Your Facial :

Yes, show your face, that sounds obvious, but I have seen many pictures where it is actually difficult to understand the face of the photographer in person. Human beings spontaneously respond to a human face in a photo, and they will connect with it. 

2.      Your Smile:

Beside, people respond the photos of smiling faces on the subconscious level. They are more likely to cause a positive attitude to the person , the company and the organization in question, and are likely to intend to patronize and recommend the person or the company.
3.      Be yourself:

A good, solid portrait is always wonderful, but if you have the capacity, think of ways to permeate the photo with your personality. As I said, your strength is yourselves, and the more methods you can showcase what makes you unique, the more chance you are outstanding in a very competitive labour  market in Nigeria .

4.      Make sure it’s pro:

There is a big difference between armature photos and a professional photo of you at your cousin’s lake is huge. If you have a business then take it seriously, and make sure that photo of yourself is top notch quality.  Snapping behind you uncle car is huge . If you have a business that you want people to patronize then take it seriously, and make sure that your photo is top notch quality. You can take it yourself with a camera tripod and a remote or get a photographer friend to take it for you, or hire another professional photographer. Whatsoever , make sure it’s a wonderful photo of yourself. It’s the end, your first impression matters a lot to your potential client.

Sequel to this, if you don’t have a profile photo of yourself on your website or social media, go get one now. But if you have it, make sure to take a current photo of yourself again, and reconsider what it will look like when your clients sees it. Make sure the message will confer what you want.

Get a good photo and get your business up…. Your image is your personality.


The way you feel about yourself after your weeding day is largely dependent on the Wedding Film and Photo Book you watch.

Below are lists of essential questions to ask your Event Image Maker before deciding to book.
• May I see your portfolio? His/her portfolio will give you a clear picture of her expertise with different kinds of shoots. You can ask to see the before and after photos if they do not make that available. This gives you an idea of what you’ll get on your big day.

• Are you active on social media? This seems trivial, but any image maker that takes their job serious should have a social media following or a blog.

• Do you normally work with couples? A strictly runway image maker may not have experience with couple and may not be the best person to take your shoots. This is why it’s important to ask.

• How much do you charge? It is important to know the rates, though it should not be the only consideration when hiring an Image maker. You can also ask about discount packages for booking your pre-weeding, engagement and white weeding with him/her; rate reductions for the more than one day job and other people that may want to do the same later.

• Do you offer pre-event services? The pre-event is important for any client to have a picture of what she will look like on her special day. This is, therefore, an important question to ask. You should ask if this will included in your charge or if there is a separate charge.

• Do you require a deposit? This is a good question to ask so that you are informed of the different payment methods and the percentage of payment the Image Maker expects.

• What happens if you can’t make it on my day? Things happen and there is a possibility that your Image Maker falls ill or is held up by Po**c officials (We’ve all been there). It is important to ask the Image Maker if they will make a contingency plan in case of such occurrences.

• What brands of equipments do you use? If you have certain allergies, it’s best to tell your Image Maker ahead. Maybe you react to certain products or you are a sticker for hygiene.

• How many events will you work on my wedding day? Although this question is usually overlooked, it is important. You do not want an Image Maker who rushes through your event simply because they have to hurry to another event. If have his/her undivided attention is your priority, then ask this question by all means.

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