Finding Many Readers for Your Blog

Are You Looking For Massive Readers for Your Blog?
Many new bloggers have recently asked me how to get people to visit their blog. Let me say up front that ‘getting hits’ isn’t everything – there are other reasons to blog than simply to have your thoughts read – for some its more about the process of writing and what is learned along the way, for others its about writing for their family and friends. I guess it comes down to priorities.
Having said that – most bloggers deep down must have some desire to have people read what they write – if not why not just keep a private diary on your computer?
So, hits are not everything, but having people read your blog is part of the deal – so how do you get them there?
There are no hard and fast rules that will guarantee you hoards of readers.However, the following are some ideas that spring to mind that might help you connect with potential readers. (this the first of three parts on this topic).

1. It takes time – It may not be what you want to hear, but it unless you’re a genius, extremely lucky or have an amazing new idea, it takes time to build a readership. So settle in for the long haul and muscle up some patience.

2. Quality Content and Good Design – There are millions of blogs out there for your readers to choose from – give them something a little unique and worthwhile to come and read. Original material tends to get more attention than links to news or other blogs (unless you’re one of the few metablogs that get attention).

Also try to keep your content up to date and topical. Think ahead so that you are blogging about upcoming events a week or so in advance – this gives search engines a chance to find your page before the day when everyone is searching for info on it. For example I posted a post on Matrix Revolutions almost two weeks ago – today (release day for the movie) over half of my search engine referals are going to that post. If I’d posted it yesterday it wouldn’t be found by Google til after the initial buzz about the movie had subsided.

3. Link to others – Having said that original material is best – linking to others is a good way to get another bloggers attention. They might notice your link on a tool like Technorati, or in their statistics package referrals or in their trackbacks (if they have it). Don’t link randomly to everyone and anyone – be selective and link to quality content.
If you have a collection of blogs that you regularly read put them in a
 blogroll in a side bar and surf to them through your page. If they check their referrers they’ll know you or someone from your site has stopped by.

4. Comment on others blogs – I suspect that a number of my regular readers first came to my blog because I left a comment on theirs. It was not a strategy I thought about – I just found myself quite addicted to reading others blogs and giving feedback. When you leave a comment leave your own blog address. Often people like to know who is reading their blog and will come visiting you. Don’t comment just for the sake of it. If someone leaves me a ‘hi’ comment or is obviously trolling my blog I won’t visit them – its just frustrating. Make genuine comments on posts that connect with you. You might make a good friend in the process.

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Finding Massive Readers for Your Blog

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