If Any Church Leader Makes Sexual Advances At Me, I’ll Tell People Exactly.
According to a Facebook User, Imaobong Akpan Akpan Says, If I attend a church and the leader makes sexual advances at me, I'll not only cease from going there, I'll tell people exactly why!

Let's stop this covering ups, it's harmful.

A church leader is responsible for the spiritual health of members, but when the person who should ordinarily teach morals is leading you the immoral way, then we're headed for trouble... A big trouble.
Let me tell you one of the consequences.

When a man or woman of God makes an immoral request/advance at a person, especially the young folks, you're likely to believe that nothing is wrong afterall about the act because the Truth Handlers are the ones involved.

What do you have? A growing number of young people who now see absolutely nothing wrong with sexual immoralities.

We might not be totally without sin, but when you commit, admit that you're Wrong and show remorse, that way Repentance is feasible and a subsequent Forgivenness.
But in cases like we're having these days when people, even in church go amoral and flaunt it like it's normal.. is literally eating up the soul of Society, especially when it's a Religious/Spiritual Leader practically telling you that "there's nothing to it".

Brethren, Jesus Christ didn't teach us to cover up public sins, He was known to be rebuking the Pharisees and Sadducees of leading a double standard, hypocritical lives.
How do you have faith in what the Word of God says when the Preacher himself is the one leading you astray?

You might have no idea how many Destinies are messed up everyday, because young men and women cannot speak up for fear of embarrassing the "Respectable popes".
But should we continue like this?

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