“MY FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE IN 2004” -.Sirjames Finally Speaks Out

Facebook user, Comedian Sirjames Essien Finally Speaks Out his First Sexual Experience in 2004:

I had this sexy lady called Anita Udoh on Facebook that has been convincing me to visit her.
Although I like her but I always told her that I was very busy,  (you know na, the initial celebrity Shakara).

Her profile pictures were always tempting and inviting.
And everything she posted on social media really turned me on in a way that I had never felt before.
So at last I decided to accept her invitation.
I sent her my number via messenger & she called immediately to confirm if I was really sure I'd be coming.
We talked for a long time.
And later I discovered that she was living not far from my friend Emmanuel Owuala
Okay o....I then said to myself,
"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity".
So I promised to visit her apartment the next Saturday.
That was the longest Saturday I have ever waited for in my life.
Saturday finally came.
She called around 7:30am just to confirm if I was indeed coming to her house.
After I had assured her of my coming.

I started to search my wardrobe for my KEMEN muscular revealing outfits.
I was a bit nervous but excited, you know the excitement & fear you have when you are about to do something you have always planned.

Unto WHO I BE, around 6pm I knocked on her door.
The room was neatly arranged with sweet fragrance taking over the atmosphere, new bed sheets, hand sanitizer, bathing soaps for after..., expensive food and so on .
I was dressed very seductively in a tight, body hugging & wore my expensive perfume.

BASED ON LOGISTICS, my Kemen "CONTORS" all out waiting to split her legs wall to wall.
I was more than happy that I'm finally meeting her.
My dear brothers and Sisters, see how you are seriously reading this story.
When last did you read your Bible?

I wish you guys can learn how to read your Bibles same way you were engrossed on this.
If it were a spiritual message, you would complain it's long. And wouldn't have read it all the way here...

Unyime Ekwere Bassey come here...

You see Your life?And you tink you're doing me?
May God forgive you for deceiving me.

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