My wife Patience told me that it’s over between us!

My wife Patience told me that it's over between us!

According to the facebook user, Eric,  My name is Eric Ekwere , a Nigeria from Akwa Ibom State . About 4 nights ago, my wife Patience Ehi Ekwere told me that it's over between us!

I gave her decision a deep thought, meditated and prayed over it, and came to the conclusion that life without her would be totally meaningless. So, I decided to kill myself... to take my own life!

The first thing I did was to drink one big stout, Amstel Malt with milk and honey but nothing happened.

I proceeded to another level of deadly poisonous concoction... I prepared turkey wings and gizzard, with orange juice and lots of fresh tomatoes, yet I didn't die. I then ate cake, chocolates and ice cream, still I didn't die.

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Right now I'm so confused because I just finished eating fried rice with peppered snails and fresh fruit salad, but I'm still alive!

Out of desperation, I went for Chinese cuisine with chicken soup and garnished potatoes, but death refused to come!

Honestly, I am really confused. What else should I do? Should I try fried plantain with fresh fish stew or pounded yam, efo riro & bush meat, or amala with abula & goat meat, and wash it down with mixed fruit juice or red wine? I need your advice urgently please... !!!! Cos I am already jetting out of Nigeria for solutions.

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