I've been waiting to see if any of my fellow victims (whether past or present) in the hands of the endtime Evangelist- Pat Akpabio would wake up and tell the world that that devil's agent called evangelist (evangelist my left foot) has no moral standing, no qualification by dignity to call out a fellow woman who committed no crime in loving wholeheartedly, such that she did not stop @ loving one pathetic broke-ass nigga, but could easily part with her life savings, a whooping 500k.

An evangelist that encourages fraud, what manner of satanic evangelist is that one?
Pat Akpabio, you heard such a disreputable thing about a man that is seeking life partnership with your baby cousin. Even if it were lies, such a thing should have worried you. You should have held that boy by the neck to tell you the truth. The real truth. But no. What did you do? You rushed into conclusion. Your intention i suppose was to intimidate the innocent girl with your PAT AKPABIO identity, expecting to scare the hell out of her and hoping she'll run far, far away from your cousin and her debtor wanna be hubby. We now see why Ibanga Akpabio wears native dress on top of sport shoe. Behold the woman managing his wardrobe.

GOD PUNISH SUCH IDENTITY! Identity that has no respect for her marital status, identity that has a confused sexual life- that doesn't know whether it's a dick she wants or her tongue on the pussy of young girls &vice versa.

Owoidoho Johnson is a good friend, a nice girl. If she cannot speak out, i am doing it for her. Let Pat Akpabio go and take her shame first from the young boy she built and furnished a house for as appreciation for having a dick she enjoys so much. Let her go and recover her shame from the young boys within and outside Uyo that has known the size of her vagina and can even draw it with AKEES pencil.

Mma pat the gospel artist, pride goes before a fall. Haven't you seen how the spirit of God has left u? Can't you see how you're progressing in sex scandal more than your so-called gospel ministry? Madam evangelist that has sexually abused all the young girls that has worked for her. You have kept it a rule that any of your female staff you're interested in must accept to be your sex toy or quit the job... madam, are you happy with your life? Let me not even go into the story of my friend Enomfon whom you nearly killed with lesbianism abuse until she ran for her dear life.

My name is Alice, from Oro Nation. I live in Abak Road (around federal secretariat) even though I'm in Lagos now. This is just part one. Let me hear fiip from you again and i will come back with part two and the rest.

© Ononokpono Alice

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