Pregnant Maid
Pregnant Maid.

Our daughter is pregnant!
That’s her problem.
Neighbors are talking!
It is their problem!
I am nervous.
It is your problem.
- They are sure it is yours!
That’s my problem!

Missing Phone.
Akpos is looking for his phone in the darkness. He uses the light of his lost device. Where is it? – he asks. Then a call comes. Akpos answers: I will call you back later, I’ve lost my mobile! After thinking a bit, he tries to dial his number on the phone in his hands. And… he hears a busy signal. Oh, forget it! – says Akpos, – the phone has been stolen and someone has just cut my call!
These funny stories are very popular in Nigeria. You can find them and many other Nigerian jokes and comedyon the Internet. Enjoy reading them and share with your mates via social networks or during the party.

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