Tboss can’t sing Nigeria’s national anthem
Tboss failure to sing Nigeria’s national anthem Wednesday has generated mixed reactions.

See some tweets below:

Skinny Lover @Kuchiiiii: You Tboss fans are annoying. I’m saying you because as from today, I seize to be a Tboss nation. I can’t stand people like this.

Chidi Okereke @Chydee: See Beyoncé singing Nigeria’s national anthem. But you people are making excuses for TBoss. Smh. #BBNaija

IkennaRonald Nzimora@ronaldnzimora:TBoss – Everlasting whiner and victim. Debbie Rise – Everlasting door mat. No wonder they always hang. One sheds tears, the other licks it

That Andy @AndyMadaki: Lol some1 just asked me who to vote for to win #BBNaija. I couldn’t answer with my chest. TBoss is on suspension till she apologise to Debie

UNdirty Niger Delta. @Karibiba: Can you see the pattern? TBoss is never wrong. She can’t sing the national anthem and somehow Debie Rise is to blame yeye #BBNaija

Infamous Minded @PRODEEGY: Tboss attitude stinks. What kind of human is this?#BBnaija

Kurt Mink Adesoji @MinkailAdesoji: Efe kept on talking about Tboss’s manipulative skills at every nomination session. The boy knows. #bbnaija

John Ndidi Okonkwo@JohnNdidiOkonk1: Just imagine tboss telling debby-rise that she has ruined her chances of winning as if debby came to roast fish in the house hmmm #bbnaija

Baalè Baroka @Seyi__: I won’t vote in this BBN thing until I am sure my vote will ensure TBoss doesn’t win. She is a horrible character. Manipulative cry baby.

Wale @olawale_babo: I know this is a game buh Tboss is displaying her natural sef. A manipulator and sore loser, always blaming others for her downfall #bbnaija‎

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